Ísey Skyr Bar redefines the franchise experience with 1,100 years of Icelandic heritage
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  • The Ísey Skyr story is one that has been passed down over generations. For centuries, Skyr was the cornerstone of the Icelandic national diet, allowing the Nordic settlers not only to survive but remain strong in the harsh Icelandic weather. Over time, the recipe for Skyr was forgotten in other Scandinavian countries, but thanks to Icelandic mothers passing the recipe on to their daughters – a tradition that has since continued for 1,100 years - we continue to still use this original method from all those years ago.  

     Even our name, Ísey, pays homage to those mothers and daughters. In Icelandic, ‘Ís’ means ice and ‘ey’ means island, which combined creates a novel expression of the birthplace of Ísey Skyr – the land of ice and fire itself. Through holding onto what makes Ísey Skyr not only unique, but great, consumers today are able to get a real taste of Icelandic heritage.

  • Ísey Skyr Bar is a growing global brand and is the only concept on the market that pays tribute to 1,100 years of Icelandic heritage. The authentic Icelandic experience offers franchisees a unique opportunity to invest in a wholesome superfood concept which is protein-rich, fat-free and great-tasting. Ísey Skyr Bar is a concept that appeals to the urban trend-setters and millennials who are seeking an alternative to the unhealthy fast-food options currently dominating the market.

     The convenience bar appeals to modern health-conscious consumers who are looking for a nutritious alternative which is super convenient, super healthy and super tasty, all delivered from a stylish location. Whether it is an on-the-go snack, a substitute to a diet plan or a meal in itself, the Michelin-chef designed all-day menu is the ideal place to refuel and experience what the Vikings survived on for generations.

     The fully developed and ‘ready to go’ concept is designed to provide franchisees with an operation to fit their needs. It’s a scalable concept with flexibility in size and menu items. With five concepts to choose from, including a stand-alone bar, shop-in shop, pop-up shop, portable and drive-through options, you have a chance to get in on the ground level of a premium, stylish and in-demand product with strong profit potential. The first of its kind in the UK. With our agile and adaptable business model, franchisees are able to run their businesses with minimal staff while maximising their profit margins.

     By expanding our franchising opportunity into the UK, Ísey Skyr Bar can now continue the remarkable legacy that has been passed down and share the essence of the brand to as many people as possible. 

  • Ísey Skyr Bar is a scalable concept that fits many locations. Franchisees are provided with a fully developed plug 'n' play design that is ready to be implemented, along with comprehensive training, business start-up and ongoing marketing support.

     To help franchisees operate their own business, we offer all the essential resources and ongoing support to nurture their growth and success throughout their franchising journey. This includes the store design and fit-out, four comprehensive operations manuals which outline all aspects of the ísey Skyr Bar concept in detail, such as recipes daily activities, and local marketing for the store opening. 

     By opening several of the ísey Skyr Bar concepts, franchisees will be able to leverage the expertise passed on to them through training and support and share the spirit of the brand with more customers, generating higher sales and profit. They will also bring a proven franchise system to a new location, creating jobs and building relationships with their local community and other local businesses. 

  • Owned by the three largest food production companies in Iceland, Ísey Skyr Bar brings franchisees into a story that is still being written. With a heritage that is over one thousand years old,

    the brand is redefining the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry in the 21st century.

     ísey Skyr Bar is a unique franchise opportunity if franchisees want to take their first leap into the food and beverage sector or they wish to expand their investment portfolio.

     If franchisees have an existing portfolio of QSR or food and beverage franchise brands, Ísey Skyr Bar could be a great new ‘healthy’ addition that naturally complements their other products or services.  Alternatively, if their portfolio of brands concentrates on health and wellness franchise brands, they may find our product fits well due to its exceptionally high protein recipe and our family-driven culture. Our brand is agile and long-lasting – we are not just a passing fad!

  • With a presence in Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands, Ísey Skyr Bar has plans to develop its convenience bar locations all around Europe and beyond, including the UK.  It has become the go-to snack bar for the urban consumer in some of the most progressive countries in the world. Having just launched its franchise opportunity in the UK, the brand is now looking for franchisees to join its global network. 

     The initial investment ranges from £70,000 to £150,000, depending on the type of bar concept, with a projected turnover of over £480,000 within the first year.

     If you are interested in finding out more about Ísey Skyr Bar and its franchise opportunities, look at our franchise page

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