Super Dairy, Super Tasty, Super Healthy: how Ísey Skyr has taken the world by storm

In recent years, consumers have become significantly more health-focused and are now actively seeking healthy, fat free and protein rich snacks as an alternative to the occasional bag of crisps or chocolate bar. One such product that has captured the imagination of the modern, urban and socially conscious consumer comes from the land of ice and fire itself, Ísey Skyr. But what is Ísey Skyr, and why has it become the attractive, tasty superfood that so many people love today?

 For centuries, Skyr was the cornerstone of the Icelandic diet, which allowed Nordic settlers to not only survive, but thrive in harsh weather conditions. Over time, the recipe for Skyr was forgotten in other Scandinavian countries, but thanks to Icelandic mothers passing the recipe on to their daughters, real Icelandic Skyr is still made using the original methods that date back 1,100 years. Ísey Skyr represents these traditions and has used the ancient product and brand heritage to become the delicious, progressive Skyr product available worldwide today. Not only has this enabled Ísey Skyr to become a market leader, but is the only Skyr exported globally.  

 But this growing demand for Skyr is not purely down to the aesthetic value! As the diary product continues to boom worldwide, Ísey Skyr offers a wide range of health benefits that are encouraging more and more people to move away from traditional Greek yogurt. Ísey Skyr is made with live bacteria cultures and natural proteins called Whey and Casein. These contain an incredible range of essential amino acids that are absorbed quickly when consumed, and while most Skyr brands extract it once it has been produced, Ísey Skyr keeps Whey protein, meaning consumers enjoy the authentic and natural taste. Whey protein is not only delicious, but is incredibly nutritious. Because of this, Authentic Skyr can be enjoyed as a high-protein breakfast, healthy dessert, or sweet snack between meals unlike UK-made, copycat thickened yogurt brands.

 Ísey Skyr Bar is a quick service restaurant outlet that has demonstrated the diversity that Skyr inspires. As the epitome of real Icelandic Skyr, Ísey Skyr Bar’s menu not only plays host to flagship Skyr bowls, but has driven a new, revitalised approach to more common fast foods available today. Designed by Michelin Starred chef, Agnar Sverrisson, Ísey Sky Bar’s menu features a unique taste experience, including juices, smoothies, desserts, savoury wraps and more (including lactose-free versions!), all containing the delicious product that so many consumers are turning to today.

 The primary reason Ísey Skyr has become the go-to dairy snack is because it is a far healthier option than yogurt and other, non-traditional Skyr brands. Ísey Skyr plays host to beneficial bacteria that are a key element to gut health. And with its high calcium, b12 and iodine content, Ísey Skyr is an essential product for healthy bones, the nervous system and thyroid health. As well as this, there is evidence to support these live cultures and bacteria lifts emotions and moods. With the gut being directly linked to the nervous system as well as producing serotonin, the probiotics within Ísey Skyr directly contribute to mental wellbeing.

 Built on the foundation of paying homage to 1,100 years of heritage, the super-healthy, protein-rich snack is not only nutritious and delicious, but offers something for everyone. And thanks to this rarely seen versatility that is becoming more and more important to the modern consumer, Ísey Skyr Bar has helped reform the snack-food and quick service restaurant industries. Now appealing to the masses by meeting key nutritional demands, speed of service, and great taste, Ísey Skyr and Ísey Skyr Bar is demonstrating where the fast-food industry is going.

Ísey Skyr Bar

Built on 1.100 years of heritage